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When editing a text box, there are some useful commands which enhance the text experience.

Write in the text:


-- Replace "n" with a number from 0 to 31.
The text --after-- that command will have a different color.


Would output:


\c[0] is white... \c[1] is blue... \c[2] is red... \c[3] is green... And so on, there are color palettes to help you with that but I don't find it.



Replace "n" with a number, which is a variable ID.
Doing so, you would be replacing the command for the value of the variable in that ID.

Let's say that we have a variable, in the slot number 7, which value is 20.

In the text write:

The number is \v[7].

Would show:

The number is 20.



Replace the "n" inside the brackets [ ] with the a number which is an actor ID.

If Ralph is the actor number 1, write in the text:

My name is \n[1].

Would show:

My name is Ralph.


Those are common text commands.
For a complete list of all of them, while editing text, press F1.

Enjoy .

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Nov 27 08 4:30 AM

And so on, there are color palettes to help you with that but I don't find it.

I would like to add that the palette is in the System.png. The one with the windowskins.

The first color is white (meaning default).

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Nov 27 08 11:39 PM

but if we want to change it back to the original color you would have to use that command again but use zero right

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Nov 28 08 2:17 AM

Yes, you would have to \C[0].

So basically just "\C[10]This is an outrage!!!\!\C[0] Hello." or something

If you don't change it back and close the textbox, then \C[0] is not needed.

I think.

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